The Best Foot Fetish Toy Doll Feet

FootfetishtoyYou can buy an impeccable combine of silicon feet that look very reasonable. You can tell these toys have been made by kindred fetishists by the level of detail down to the wrinkles on the curves of the feet and toe print lines. The toenails can be painted and supplanted and the feet can be made level to look characteristic, or indicated fit into attractive high-heeled shoes. There are some that are more sensible feeling, and others that are promoted as being delicate.

Did you ever thought “Are there some fetish products also for foot fetishists?”. There are a lot of products for all types of perversion. But not for Foot fetishists? Really?

At we test the newest and best Foot replicas for your special interest. We also share this passion so we know which Product will fit to your need. The one and only foot fetish shop on the internet

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5 Advantages of Foot Fetish Toy

A Real Foot Fetish Toy is a specially designed sex toy that comes with features of a genuinely sexy woman feet. The doll is made by men to satisfy sexual fantasies and calls on, because it is capable of an almost real sexual experience that every man longs for. The physical characteristics that you can get from a real foot doll include bones, toes and nails. With these sexy features, you can always be guaranteed an expletive and mind-blowing sexual experience. Here are some of the most important advantages of real silicone feet.

1. You get unlimited sex

A real foot fetish toy is not able to say no, have no headaches or other kind of lame excuses. With it, you can get sex anywhere and at any time. The only thing you need is sexual desire, as it will always be available to you. So you can get as much sex as you want a real foot sex toy is never tired.

2. Improves your techniquqesRealistic Silicone Feet

A real foot fetish toy is a perfect tool that can be used to improve your sexual performance and turn you into a real professional. Due to the flexibility that it has, you will explore different styles that you have always dreamed of. With the fetish toy you can determine which position is best for you to get the greatest penetration depth. You can also determine which position is the best to wake your partner. If you are usually suffering the embarrassing premature ejaculation, you can be true love foot to get tips on how to get longer.

3. freely selectable from a varriety

With genuine Foot Fetish Toy gives you complete freedom to choose from different types of feets that are available in the market. This is because they are available in a wide Varriety and come in different styles. You can buy a silicone foot that has whole body functions or only parts of the body. Some products are also available in different colours.

4. No diseases

A real doll foot will not infect you with any kind of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). It is safe to have sex with it without protection.

5. Low maintenance

You must take a real Foot Fetish Toy out and meet for many costs. The only maintenance that requires it is a regular cleanup

Are foot fetish sex toys the better women? - A sociology of synthetic love

Sex foot dolls are a nice grub story, and apparently one that urgently needs a sociological overhaul. According to a detailed and very interesting article on the subject online communities with an estimated 12,000 members exist, a stately number. Another scientific essay provides suggestions for the development and necessary ethical principles of a robot prostitution, as a substitute for human sex workers. (An English language document is embedded at the end of the article.)

It would be interesting to see whether specific profiles are being crystallized for the group of (mainly male) users / owners / partners of womens feet from rubber. One might assume that these are "underdogs", which can not provide access to the sex resource in any other way. Or maybe it's a guy who just can not handle women? Indicators can be found in the above-mentioned article, where the author writes about one of the "iDollators"

Disappointment seems to be a reason to reject genuine women. Another reason seems to be to feel a sense of complete impotence in the presence of women; many men seem to attribute to their artistic women the personalities they like in real women. Most of them are also shy to worship womens feet.

From which social structures does this synthetic love arise, and which social structures arise from this synthetic love? What kind of social function can such silicone women feet have? And, if we are already here, then just right: How many women use foot fetish dolls? If we disable SafeSearch in Google, and after pig making of people with sex foot dolls (I let me say, so what would I never do ... 😉) then you quickly get the impression that even the male feet fetish doll rather men appeal. What is the reason?

Another article even suggests that foot fetish toys may be a sort of valve for "underprivileged men" in the future, but also notes that with increasing knowledge in biotechnology and neurology, the "orgasm at the touch of a button" and directly in the brain simulated cyberworship A cheaper option.

Silicone Foot Toys satisfie foot fetish

Foot fetish is widespread

The foot fetish is widespread among many women and men. There are many like-minded women and men in the whole country who have a foot fetish and would like to live it out. Here you will find many women and men who have a Foot fetish and look for like-minded people.

What is actually a foot fetish

There are really many women and men who have a foot fetish. These women and men who have a foot fetish look and find on the Internet for like-minded people to live your foot fetish. In a lot of communities, there are women and men who are looking for like-minded people with a foot fetish. Many people don't know how to satisfy there foot fetish. But you can worship a pair of silicone feet or have great foot fetish sex with your silivone doll.

Foot Fetish: A Brief History

Anyone who has seen the films of Quentin Tarantino knows that the director has a taste for naked women feet. The toes of Uma Thurman or Salma Hayek are often admired in his films for minutes. But not only Tarantino is committed to his foot fetish ...

Foot fetish toys in sandalsWhat types of foot fetish are there?

As with all other sexual preferences, the foot fetish also offers a whole range of variations, which are so different from one another that the same foot fetishist can be the fulfillment of all his sexual dreams, while in another disagreement or even disgust . Whether it's perfectly pedicured, decorated with dirt, stuck in high heels or barefoot - the Internet offers plenty of photos and videos of bare or stunted feet. But the sight of beautiful women's feet is no longer enough for most of the foot fetishists. They want to experience the feet with all their senses, smell, feel and taste them. They want to include toes, sole and / or heel in the love. In doing so, they are either active by sucking, licking, massaging or tickling the objects of their desire, or they lean back, and can either be taken by their partner with the whole foot ("footjob") or only with the toes ("toejob" ) to satisfy. Some even like it, when the sex partner runs over her body or simply stands up ("Trampling"). This can also be associated with a shoe fetish, which is very popular as well as the viewing, fetching or "mistreatment" of feet, especially with followers of BDSM. The center of gravity of each foot fetishist can focus on specific areas of the foot such as toes, soles or special details such as footwear, texture or smell, but also on footwear such as socks, stockings, tights or shoes. In addition, factors such as size, width, shape and shape of the feet, color and condition of the skin, as well as viewing angles may play a role. A special form of the foot fetish is the so-called "crunching", in which food is "crushed" by naked feet or shoes and are then taken by the foot fetishists. Fetishism can even be directed to one's own feet and can even be achieved without the help of a partner or a partner.

What makes feet so sexy?

The evaluation of more than one billion online search queries has shown that mainly heterosexual men are interested in naked feet - cross-cultural. The preference for feet (the term "podophilia") is so widespread that it has long been taken out of the perversion drawer and runs almost under normal "sexual inclination". One thing is certain: the Internet offers plenty of photos and videos of all kinds of foot fetish sex: in high heels, pedicures or natural.

Foot fetish from a scientific perspective

A scientific explanation for the foot fetish might be that the cerebral genitals of the genitals, the toes and the feet lie directly next to each other. This can easily lead to overlapping and stimulation. In the history of evolution, little women's feet indicate to the men that it is a very fertile lady with a high estrogen level. Thus (unconsciously) the male reproductive activity is set in motion.

Sex with feet - how does it work?

This man has a foot fetish. The foot fetishists alone are enough for the sight of beautiful women's feet to get sexually active. But sometimes it has to be something more: you want to include toes, sole and heel in love. They either suck, lick and massage themselves the objects of their obsession or they can be stimulated with a so-called "Footjob". Another way to get your satisfaction is to buy some pairs of feet sex toy to have the best foot fetish sex in the world. There are different variants: A foot fetishist can be sexually stimulated with the toes ("Toe-Job"). Others like it when the sex partner puts itself on the body ("Trampling") and keeps their naked feet in the face. Or they can be captivated and tickled at their own feet until they can no longer endure the "agony".

You smell so good …

By the way, it is often the foot odor, the foot fetishists particularly anturnt. A psychological thesis states that the special fragrance allows the fetishist to have indirect sexual interactions, but without the effort to actually get in touch with that person.

When the fetish becomes a problem

In fact, a relationship can be a burden if, for example, the man only gets sexually on the road as soon as his partner is wearing lacquer boots - or the mask and handcuffs are integrated into the action. If a fetish basically replaces man, because the object alone provokes sexual arousal and not the sight of the whole person, it can be understandably difficult. The partner no longer feels valued. So also in the subject of fetish: As a sexual game, he can enrich the love life - as long as both partners have their fun.